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Clinical Supervision for LPC

Domonique Wilson, LPC is currently accepting residents in counseling seeking licensure for LPC In Virginia

“Supervision is an intensive, interpersonally focused, one -to -one relationship in which one person (the supervisor) is designated to facilitate the development of therapeutic competence in the other person (the supervisee)” (Loganbill, Hardy, & Delworth, 1982 , p.4 ).This definition was expanded to include the oversight of the counselor in trainings work for the purpose of facilitating personal and professional development (Bradley, 1989 ). The primary purpose of clinical supervision is to ensure the quality of client care while the trainee or supervisee is learning.

I provide clinical supervision via online teleconferencing. This has been a beneficial method for mental health professionals working towards their clinical licensure due to the flexibility and accessibility for scheduling.

Participating in Virginia’s Boost 200 initiative.