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Reiki, the "Universal Life Force Energy", facilitates deep levels of healing and transformation. Although gentle in nature, it can be a powerful treatment in itself and also works well to enhance other natural or traditional medical treatments. Reiki can help you in many ways:

Physical healing

  • Reduce physical pain
  • Recover from addictions/substance abuse
  • Accelerate the healing of serious injuries, surgeries, illness
  • Reduce the side effects of chemotherapy and other medical treatments
  • Increase the effectiveness of other natural and traditional medical treatments

Emotional healing

  • Relieve anxiety, stress, depression
  • Neutralize emotional trauma and triggers
  • Enjoy life and have more positive experiences
  • Release unwanted habits and install new positive habits
  • Clear negative thought patterns and energetic attachments
  • Identify and release hidden blocks that are holding you back
  • Heal relationship issues and improve communication with others

Spiritual healing

  • Heal the Ego and reveal your Authentic Self
  • Reconnect you with your Source of Being
  • Discover and live your true life purpose
  • Experience a deep sense of peace and contentment
  • Balance and harmonize your energy meridians and chakras
  • Identify and release early life, past life, and ancestral patterns negatively affecting you